Fallen Love Records is a bedroom pop label based out of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

Happy Spring!

The long Canadian winter has finally ended and our split EP series has finally launched! Each volume features a musical act from Ontario, a musical act from somewhere else on the planet, new songs written around a collective theme, and gorgeous album art from a variety of acclaimed illustrators.

The first three volumes in the series are as follows:

O Moon!
from Guelph, Ontario - Anthony Damiao
from Olympia, Washington - Salute To The Salmon
art by Toronto, Ontario's Jess Bartram

O Aging!
from Oshawa, Ontario - Darling Meadow
from Los Angeles & Berkeley, California - Rainbowfish
art by Ecuador's Adriana Crespo

O Innocent Death!
from Courtice, Ontario - RedVIOLET
from Sheffield, England - Summer Of Blood
art by Manchester, England's Elizabeth Murray-Jones

..and there's more where this comes from!

Fallen Love

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