Fallen Love Records is a bedroom pop label based out of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

Happy autumn!

As the cold weather begins to creep across Canada we at Fallen Love will be hunkering down and doing some hibernating of our own.

This spring and summer saw the release of our first split EP series. 4 volumes, 8 artists, 4 countries, 2 continents, 24 fabulous pop songs, and lovely artwork from 4 acclaimed illustrators. The full series is available now to stream or download.

Unfortunately running a record label, even on as small a scale as ours, requires certain financial investments and we've hit a bit of a roadblock there for the time being. As such we'll be taking an indefinite break from releasing any new music. Hopefully the hiatus will be shorter rather than longer.

In the meantime we won't be completely disappearing. We'll still be conducting interviews over on our blog and running live events in our hometown of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada throughout the winter. Send your good vibes our way and we're sure to be back releasing great new pop tunes before you know it.

Fallen Love