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Fallen Love Records is an award-winning indiepop label based out of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

Happy New Year!

2015 is upon us and that means that we are finally ready to launch our new split EP series! Each volume features a musical act from Ontario, a musical act from somewhere else on the planet, new songs written around a collective theme, and gorgeous album art from a variety of acclaimed illustrators.

The first three volumes in the series are as follows:

O Moon!
from Guelph, Ontario - Anthony Damiao
from Olympia, Washington, USA - Salute To The Salmon
art by Toronto, Ontario's Jess Bartram

O Aging!
from Oshawa, Ontario - Darling Meadow
from Los Angeles & San Francisco, California, USA - Rainbowfish
art by Ecuador's Adriana Crespo

O Innocent Death!
from Courtice, Ontario - RedVIOLET
from Sheffield, England - Summer Of Blood
art by Manchester, England's Elizabeth Murray-Jones

Stay warm until the spring!

Fallen Love

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